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INYO-504: Case study project on Academic Integrity.

Academic Integrity plays an important role in our academic life. Due to culture difference, sometimes foreign students will have misunderstanding about the honor code, especially about the meaning of cheating, plagiarism, stealing and lying. In order to deepen the understanding of the honor code at George Mason University, I analysed a violation of the honor code by using the knowledge that I gained about the meaning of academic integrity. In this article I provided a detailed description of the situation of a particular case. Secondly, I analyzed the case according to the honor code of George Mason University. And finally, I provided some advice that I learned from the assignment. After this study, I have a new understanding about honor code and case study. Due to Information technology project management have lots of special characteristics, case study is a common method to do relative research. Therefore, this experience would benefit my future study.

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EAP-508: literature review.

The topic of my research is Communication practices of project managers to improve IT project development efficiency. In previous research, many researchers mentioned communication is one of the important factors that could influence project development efficiency. They also provide some communication practices that would benefit communication between team members. But at the same, they also mentioned project managers should depend on their situation to use these communication practices.  Therefore, a new problem produced: How project managers could know what communication practices they can use? Our research attempt to find out the communication problems that these communication practices could fix. We categorize four communication barriers: trust, Linguistic, environment and priorities. Additionally, we provide specific communication practices that could help project team to overcome these barriers. In the process of research, I don’t only improved my research skill, but also find some gap that I could research in future. Additionally, my career goal is IT project manager, therefore this research let me learn a lot of knowledge that I could implement in future.

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AIT-524: Database design

In the project, I need to design a database based on some specific business rules. My database is based on the needs of an editor department of a periodical office. Firstly, I depend on the possible situation to design some business rules. Secondly, I convert these business rule into detailed explanation by using terminology. Thirdly, I designed an simple database depending on my previous work. Finally, I convert it into a higher efficiency database. In the process of designing the database, I did not only practice my technology that I learned from class, but also practice the skills as a IT project manager. One of the jobs for IT project managers is that they need to explain clients’ requirement for engineers. In the process of designing database, I depended on the explanation to  design database and found some problems of explanation. Then, I correct these problems to make my explanation become clearer. Now, I know how to provide clearer explanation for engineers.

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